Research / Theory

Six theses on African psychology for the world

Six theses on African psychology for the world is an editorial published in the journal PINS (Psychology in Society). Among other procative questions it asks is, could the anglophile Jan Christiaan Smuts (pictured), be regarded as the first father of African psychology? While a student at Oxford University, Smuts is said to have completed a … Continue reading

Call for Papers

African Psychologies for the World: Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Psychology in Society journal

The journal PSYCHOLOGY IN SOCIETY (PINS)┬ácalls for articles for a Special Issue on “African Psychologies for the World.” The introductory paragraph of the call reads thus: “Contestations around what is African psychology and how psychologists might better theoretically situate themselves in African realities are not new. In his contribution to the debate, Dawes (1998) contended … Continue reading