Research / Theory

Six theses on African psychology for the world

Six theses on African psychology for the world is an editorial published in the journal PINS (Psychology in Society). Among other procative questions it asks is, could the anglophile Jan Christiaan Smuts (pictured), be regarded as the first father of African psychology? While a student at Oxford University, Smuts is said to have completed a … Continue reading

Colloquium / Seminar / Symposium

Decolonisation, Pluriversality, and African-situatedness in sexuality and sexuality-related violence research and advocacy

Colonisation, said Aimé Césaire, the anti-colonial Martiniquan poet and politician, equals “thingification”. To us this suggests that sexual thingification – including sexual entitlement, rape and femicide – equates sexual and gendered colonisation. What is needed to truly decolonise – that’s one question. In Decolonising the mind, the Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o argued for African … Continue reading

Colloquium / Health

Centring Africa in Health and Social Sciences Research and Teaching: Programme

The colloquium Centring Africa in Health and Social Sciences Research and Teaching is on tomorrow at the South African Medical Research Council. Here is the final Programme (Centring Africa in Health and Social Sciences Research and Teaching Colloquium – Programme). I should let you know that am experiencing some anxiety. One usually has some anxiety as a … Continue reading

Colloquium / Health / Research / Teaching

Centring Africa in Health and Social Sciences Research and Teaching: Colloquium

How is Africa situated in health and social science research and teaching? In light of student demands for the decolonisation of knowledge as well as the positive sentiment about colonialism from the premier of the Western Cape, the aim of this colloquium is to bring together researchers, teachers, practitioners, and students to dialogue on challenges … Continue reading

Conference / Talks

To Go Along With Community Psychology or Build African Psychology: That is the Question

How is Africa defined, studied, and experienced within Community Psychologies and how are local communities mapped, theorised and engaged in African Psychologies? Are Community Psychologies as understood and advanced in South Africa – where the idea of trans-racial, nonpoor, or white community remains under question, given that community is conflated with ethnicity, race and class … Continue reading

Talks / Teaching

Talk presented at the University of Pretoria’s Conference on Curriculum Transformation: Pioneering transformative curriculum experiments in African-centred psychology

Here are the first 1000 words or so of a talk presented at a conference hosted by the University of Pretoria on January 28 2016. The talk, with the title Pioneering transformative curriculum experiments in African-centred psychology, was given by Kopano Ratele of the University of South Africa. The conference was on curriculum transformation.       … Continue reading