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Professor Catriona Macleod to Receive the 2017 Psychology and Social Change Award from Rhodes University

Professor Catriona Macleod is to receive the 10th Psychology and Social Change Award from Rhodes University. Initiated in 2008, the Award is given to psychologists who have extended themselves beyond the mainstream boundaries of the discipline of psychology and sought to contribute their knowledge to social change. Previous recepients of the Award include  Professors Noel … Continue reading

Call for Papers

African Psychologies for the World: Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Psychology in Society journal

The journal PSYCHOLOGY IN SOCIETY (PINS) calls for articles for a Special Issue on “African Psychologies for the World.” The introductory paragraph of the call reads thus: “Contestations around what is African psychology and how psychologists might better theoretically situate themselves in African realities are not new. In his contribution to the debate, Dawes (1998) contended … Continue reading

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To Go Along With Community Psychology or Build African Psychology: That is the Question

How is Africa defined, studied, and experienced within Community Psychologies and how are local communities mapped, theorised and engaged in African Psychologies? Are Community Psychologies as understood and advanced in South Africa – where the idea of trans-racial, nonpoor, or white community remains under question, given that community is conflated with ethnicity, race and class … Continue reading