Research / Theory

Six theses on African psychology for the world

Six theses on African psychology for the world is an editorial published in the journal PINS (Psychology in Society). Among other procative questions it asks is, could the anglophile Jan Christiaan Smuts (pictured), be regarded as the first father of African psychology? While a student at Oxford University, Smuts is said to have completed a … Continue reading

Talks / Teaching

Talk presented at the University of Pretoria’s Conference on Curriculum Transformation: Pioneering transformative curriculum experiments in African-centred psychology

Here are the first 1000 words or so of a talk presented at a conference hosted by the University of Pretoria on January 28 2016. The talk, with the title¬†Pioneering transformative curriculum experiments in African-centred psychology,¬†was given by Kopano Ratele of the University of South Africa. The conference was on curriculum transformation.       … Continue reading