Introducing Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò to African Psychologists

  My introduction to Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò was via his book Africa Must Be Modern: a Manifesto. Professor of African political thought at the Africana Studies and Research Center at Cornell University in the United States of America, Táíwò is a philosopher. But the book is an easy non-philosophical read. On the faculty page of the Africana Studies and Research Center, this is … Continue reading

Conference / Talks

To Go Along With Community Psychology or Build African Psychology: That is the Question

How is Africa defined, studied, and experienced within Community Psychologies and how are local communities mapped, theorised and engaged in African Psychologies? Are Community Psychologies as understood and advanced in South Africa – where the idea of trans-racial, nonpoor, or white community remains under question, given that community is conflated with ethnicity, race and class … Continue reading

Talks / Teaching

Talk presented at the University of Pretoria’s Conference on Curriculum Transformation: Pioneering transformative curriculum experiments in African-centred psychology

Here are the first 1000 words or so of a talk presented at a conference hosted by the University of Pretoria on January 28 2016. The talk, with the title Pioneering transformative curriculum experiments in African-centred psychology, was given by Kopano Ratele of the University of South Africa. The conference was on curriculum transformation.       … Continue reading