Emancipatory and Participatory Methodologies in Peace, Critical and Community Psychology

  Emancipatory and Participatory Methodologies in Peace, Critical and Community Psychology is an edited volume by three psychologists, two from South Africa and one from the United States, involved in the subfields of peace, critical and community psychology. The book offers a unique set of case studies that invite readers to question and reimagine the … Continue reading

Conference / News

2018 International Conference on Community Psychology: An opportunity to trans-nationalize African Psychology

  The 2018 International Conference on Community Psychology will be held in Santiago, Chile. This will be the 7th edition of the ICCP. The 2016 edition of the ICCP, organised by the University of South Africa’s Institute for Social & Health Sciences and the Violence, Injury and Peace Research Unity at the South African Medical Research Council, … Continue reading


Introducing Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò to African Psychologists

  My introduction to Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò was via his book Africa Must Be Modern: a Manifesto. Professor of African political thought at the Africana Studies and Research Center at Cornell University in the United States of America, Táíwò is a philosopher. But the book is an easy non-philosophical read. On the faculty page of the Africana Studies and Research Center, this is … Continue reading

Achievement / Awards / News

Professor Catriona Macleod to Receive the 2017 Psychology and Social Change Award from Rhodes University

Professor Catriona Macleod is to receive the 10th Psychology and Social Change Award from Rhodes University. Initiated in 2008, the Award is given to psychologists who have extended themselves beyond the mainstream boundaries of the discipline of psychology and sought to contribute their knowledge to social change. Previous recepients of the Award include  Professors Noel … Continue reading

Conversation / General

17% of Men and 5% of Women Have Had Two or More Sexual Partners in The Past Year and 9 Other Random Facts for Your Interest Gleaned from Reports of Statistics South Africa

Here are 10 random facts, with some commentary, for your interest, gleaned from the latest population statistics and the demographic and health survey. If you have the facts, you can then come up with your own alternative facts. Or interpretations. Sometimes it helps to first know what’s really what. And, for the student of psychology (or art, gender … Continue reading

Colloquium / Seminar / Symposium

Decolonisation, Pluriversality, and African-situatedness in sexuality and sexuality-related violence research and advocacy

Colonisation, said Aimé Césaire, the anti-colonial Martiniquan poet and politician, equals “thingification”. To us this suggests that sexual thingification – including sexual entitlement, rape and femicide – equates sexual and gendered colonisation. What is needed to truly decolonise – that’s one question. In Decolonising the mind, the Kenyan writer Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o argued for African … Continue reading