It begins with self-understanding. That’s the first thing. And it takes work, a lifetimes’ work. Without understanding yourself you can’t create anything, you cannot fully know others, you will not be able to make the world in your image. African psychology begins right there – understand yourself as a person in Africa.

Getting to know oneself is an element in the quest to understand how to live with others in the world. Taking yourself as an object of reflection is part of the journey to make meaning and do whatever you need to do as a part of the larger whole. African psychology is interested in that – study Africa from a psychological perspective. Understand psychologies of humans in their relations with animals and the environment as they are in Africa.

Africa is not a planet in another galaxy. It is part of the world. To understand psychology in, of, or from Africa, study the world, study psychology in, of and from other countries. African psychology is about that too. It places Africa in the world and the world in Africa.

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