Call for Papers

African Psychologies for the World: Call for Papers for a Special Issue of Psychology in Society journal

The journal PSYCHOLOGY IN SOCIETY (PINS) calls for articles for a Special Issue on “African Psychologies for the World.”

The introductory paragraph of the call reads thus:

“Contestations around what is African psychology and how psychologists might better theoretically situate themselves in African realities are not new. In his contribution to the debate, Dawes (1998) contended that “the nature of African psychology should not be determined a priori as different, simply by dint of its location on the African continent in African cultures”. Influenced by Hountondji, Moll (2002) argued that African psychology is both myth and reality. Arguing for a framework for an African-based psychology, Mkhize (2004) said his objection to Western-derived theoretical frameworks in psychology is that while these frameworks have some relevance for African societies, “they cannot be exclusively used to explain human needs across cultures and across time”.

You can read the rest of the call here.

PINS Cover

“PINS is a peer-reviewed journal that was formed in September 1983 as vehicle for a critical and anti-apartheid stance in psychology. PINS continues to foster a socio-historical and critical theory perspective by focusing on the theory and practice of psychology in the southern African context.” You can read more about PINS here and here.


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