The 6th International Conference on Community Psychology, May 2016, Durban

Durban ICC

The 6th International Conference on Community Psychology will take place in Durban, South Africa, during May 27-30 2016. The Conference is hosted by the Institute for Social and Health Sciences of the University of South Africa (Unisa), Violence, Injury and Peace Research Unit of the South African Medical Research Council and Unisa, and Psychological Society of South Africa.

The theme of the Conference is Global Dialogues on Critical Knowledges, Liberation and Community. The Conference organisers say that the meeting will “accord representation, voice and space to theories and enactments of community psychology that contribute to robust debate and conversations about the identity and representational forms of community psychology, the critical roles of community psychologists, and the epistemological and ontological diversity present in global enactments”.

The Conference call has 4 main thematic tracks: (Track 1) Knowledge Production and Contestation in Community Psychology; (Track 2) Decoloniality, Power and Epistemic Justice, which calls for papers on questions of decolonising ontology and epistemic justice, knowledge, power and being, and epistemologies from the Global South; (Track 3) Community Psychology in Context in which the focus is on “applications of community psychology as they relate to such issues as violence, socio-economic inequality, racism, gender, migration, dispossession, climate change, and disease outbreaks”; and (Track 4) Teaching and Learning in Community Psychology where the attention to issues such as the teaching traditions, learning of community psychology; students as knowledge producers and consumers; and professionalisation, career-pathing and citizenship.

More information can be found here.

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