Why African Psychology?

Why African Psychology?


Because I was surprised that I have not come across one blog with that name. And I have been searching for a while now, trust me, there is not one single blog. That’s one simple answer I could give for starting a blog called African Psychology. There is, as entreprenuers would say, a gap in the market.

That is not the real reason though. It’s not about names. Actually, names can be misleading. But we can’t do without names. They help us to identify things in the world and in us. I hope African Psychology is clear enough in helping to identify what I would like you, the reader, to get out of the blog.

Another reason for starting the blog is that while psychology has being taught and studied in Africa for longer that WordPress has existed, no one seems to have felt the need to have blog called African Psychology and do something about it. I have a strong suspicion that there is a great need for such a thing. Or things – as will become clearer in time. What I understand as African Psychology is not one monolithic thing but a multiplicity of orientations.

My idea is that African Psychology will be of use to students of psychology as well as other students with an interest in the subjects studied by psychologists. It will also be useful for university teachers and researchers. Journalists will also find some useful information, as will activists who wish to understand something about human behaviour. Business, governments, nongovernmental organisation, community-based initiatives, and other actors searching for information and resources might also gain from what we do.

Welcome to our world. Come along for the journey.

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